Heritage Coast Stud Equine AI Centre

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Equine Stallion Collection & AI Centre

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Stallion Training onto the Dummy Mare.

- We offer training of the Stallion to the Dummy Mare.
- We have an indoor dummy mare and teaser area for training the stallion to the dummy in a safe environment.
- We use health tested mares to train the stallions

Stallions Semen Evaluation

We have a full laboratory approved by the Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency for Equine Semen Collection & Storage.

This is fitted with top quality equipment to carry out semen evaluation by highly trained staff

Stallion Collections & Despatch for Fresh/Chilled in the UK & Europe

We offer a full collection and despatch for UK for walk-in and resident stallions and for Europe for quarantined stallions.
We offer the opportunity for your stallion to stay with us in a relaxed atmosphere for collection and distribution of chilled semen throughout the UK and Europe.
We cater for walk in fresh collection and mare insemination on site.

Walk in Stallions

We offer the opportunity for Stallions to Walk In by appointment for collections and despatch.
All Stallions have to comply to our full health requirements
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Stallion Collections & Despatch for Frozen Semen in the UK & Europe

Whether you want to store some semen for security, have it available for UK distribution or export overseas we offer a range of frozen semen packages.
For Frozen semen all Stallions have to be quarantined on site.

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