Heritage Coast Stud Equine AI Centre

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Fee Structure - 2013

Dummy Mare Training

Training to Dummy mare £200.00
(For first two attempts)

Semen Collection & Evaluation

Each subsequent collection attempt £70.00
Semen analysis,test chilling and written report £70.00

Semen Collection & Despatch

Collection for processing and shipping chilled £95.00/collection
(includes documentation and arrangement of shipping. Shipping fees will be charged separately)

Hire of returnable Semen shipper - Free for 3 days then charge of £10/day will be applicable.

Sale of disposable Semen shipper £25.00

Semen Freezing

There are three elements to the cost and Stallion owners are kept informed of progress, ensuring that the stallion can go home as soon as the freezing target has been met.

Fee per collection (probably 3 or 4 times/week) £80

Fee per equine insemination dose successfully frozen £15
(Processing, freezing and assessment)

The number of doses from a single semen collection will vary from stallion to stallion and from day to day. Stallions usually produce 7-10 insemination doses per collection. We recommend that stallion owners allow three insemination doses for each mare to be bred.

Additional costs to the stallion owner are if applicable:-

a)Insurance of the stallion
b) Stallion transport to/from the collection center
c) Health tests; owners will be advised of the necessary health tests and any quarantine period required when making a booking for their stallion
d) Both routine and emergency veterinary work would be carried out by our equine specialist vets, Paton & Lee
e) Farriery
f) Feed additives
g) Any additional exercise other than turning out.Health certificates must be sent/faxed to Heritage Coast Stud Stallion Centre before the stallion comes to the centre

Please NOTE we now require that Stallions are blood tested for Strangles prior to entry.
For further information visit: www.aht.org.uk/cms-display/bact_blood.html

Storage and Distribution Prices 2013

Semen Storage Service

0-20 insemination doses £12.50
21-50 insemination doses £17.50
51-150 insemination doses £22.50
151-200 insemination doses £27.50
201-300 insemination doses £32.50
301-400 insemination doses £37.50
401-500 insemination doses £42.50

One insemination dose is the semen required to carry out one insemination
Prices are for one owner but doses from multiple stallions can be held ie pricing is for number of doses.

Frozen Semen Distribution Service UK

Processing and handling (per stallion) upto 50 doses £60
£1 extra for every dose over 50 processed

Next day delivery before noon delivery service £50
Next day delivery before 10.30am delivery service £60
Next day delivery before 9am delivery service £70
No W/E delivery service available

Important information
The Storage and distribution operates every day from 8.30am –1pm Mon-Fri
Semen can be dispatched within 24hrs of written order, but please allow three working days for the semen to be packed and dispatched.

Before release of any semen we require written confirmation by email or fax from the semen owner.
Please include:-

- Name of Stallion
- How many doses you require us to send - Name, address, telephone & email of where the semen it to be delivered.
- Name, address, telephone & email of the person who will be paying the bill.

Stallion Livery Fees:

Stallion Livery per day £25/day under 1month
£22.50/day for 1-2months
£20/day for over 3months

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