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We produce some great publications for the mare owner. Including advice for first time foaling & the top Competition Stallions standing at Stud


Breeding & Stallion Publications

Jane Marson who runs Heritage Coast Stallion Services has also published a book "Your Mare's First Foal" an easy to use beginners guide to breeding. Also an annual guide to the top Graded and Approved Stallions titled "Competition-Stallions - Guide"


At last - practical, jargon-free advice is provided for the first-time breeder. Stud Manager Jane Skepper, whose family has been breeding thoroughbred and non-thoroughbreds for three generations, has written this guide for the single mare owner breeding a foal for the first time. Easy to use and in note form, the book covers everything from conception to weaning. Jane provides all the answers to the questions that owners typically ask about their mare, pregnancy and foaling, including getting the mare in foal, scanning, vaccinations, nutrition, worming, foaling down, and coping with a newborn foal. In short, the author tells you what to expect and what to look out for, giving you all the facts to help you understand and enjoy this exciting and rewarding time.


"With lots of helpful diagrams it also has a really useful pregnancy checklist and progress chart". - Horse & Rider

This book is a concise, practical and easy to read guide to breeding a first foal. Written by Jane Skepper, who has years of experience in the breeding industry, it covers all aspects from selecting a stallion and preparing the mare for stud, along with every physiological aspect such as getting a mare in fowl, through to foaling, foal care and weaning.The chapters concerning preparing the mare for stud are particularly useful covering the stud s requirements including paperwork, swabs, health issues and payment. Sound advice is given on how to care for the mare before, during and after foaling with useful hints on how to prepare and the equipment required. It covers everything the mare owner needs to know without overburdening them with technical jargon and includes some very useful charts and summaries throughout. This book is essential reading for the first time or small breeder and can easily be read within an evening. -- National Equine Student Magazine

`Clear concise information' - Your Horse, October 2006




Competition Stallions is an A5 sized publication put together with the support of British Breeding which is available in print and online (www.competition-stallions.com) to provide a comprehensive guide to the top Graded and Approved Competition Stallions available at stud in the UK in the following discliplines:

- Eventing
- Showjumping
- Dressage
- Sports Pony
- Endurance


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